Courtroom Video Units

This information is for Court or Court related employees with a County Lifesize License.

Bringing an outside party into the courtroom by Lifesize. 

  • Create a permanent meeting in Lifesize with the case caption, date and time. 
  • Copy the meeting link only, do not copy all calling details
  • Send the meeting link to participant along with the information provided below (see email template)
  • At the time of the hearing enter the meeting with your Lifesize account, verify that your participant is also in the meeting.
  • Using the add participant option search the courtroom video unit, courtroom video units are named for that courtroom.  MDC units are named by Judge name and court number. 
  • Add the video unit to the meeting. NOTE: if you are in the courtroom you must mute your microphone and turn off the sound on your device.
  • When your hearing is concluded hang up the call with the "End Meeting" option.
  • If you are done with that event remember to delete the meeting in Lifesize

Lifesize Meeting Email Template
Highlight, Right Click, Copy and Paste into Email Below

The hearing is scheduled for [DATE and TIME] Please enter the meeting at least 5 minutes prior to the start time.

Meeting link: [meeting link here]

You do not need a Lifesize account but may choose to create a free account using this link.

 You may also enter as a guest:

  • Click the meeting link provided above
  • If prompted, select Allow to permit use of your camera and microphone.
  • Enter your name (required) and email (optional).
  • Click or tap Video & Audio settings to adjust video and audio settings.
  • Click or tap Join Meeting.

During the meeting you will see control options at the bottom as shown. Please keep your microphone muted unless you are called on to speak.