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Happy Fall! The official date for the autumnal equinox this year is Saturday, Sept. 22.

New PBI's

Assessment law & procedure in Penna., 16th ed.
Criminal law symposium, 2018, 2 v.
Drug and alcohol issues in civil litigation
Fixing a broken trust
Fundamentals of estate planning
Gaming law
Handling a sexual harassment case
Health research law and compliance forum
The lawyer’s retirement manual
Legislative process in Penna.
Nonprofit institute 2018
Penna. Workers’ compensation practice & procedure, 2018 ed.
Philadelphia business taxes
Public utility bench bar conference
The ramifications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on corporations and businesses
Representing residential landlords and tenants in Penna., 2018
School law update
Top 10 evidence “rules” for family lawyers
Trying a personal injury case from start to finish
Valuing the small business in divorce
Your guide to elder law

Recent Update Highlights

The Law Library now has access to the Bloomberg Law database on its patron access pc.  The print version of the Tax Management portfolios will no longer be updated, but users can access these portfolios on the Bloomberg database.  The database also provides access to a broad range of other materials that we did not previously have in print, including the U.S. International tax portfolios, and many sources in the Labor and Employment areas of law, such as the Disabilities Law Manual, Health Care Program Compliance Guide, and Wages and Hours Manual.